Here’s just a little ditty I wrote for a creative writing class in college. The prompt was something along the lines of “write about a breakup,” and I wanted to go beyond a traditional relationship. I’m really pleased with how it turned out, so I thought I’d share it.


She sits at the top of a small hill, close to the rays of the low, late autumn sun. A gentle, but chilling breeze, a sign of the cold, lonely months to come, blows by, rustling her naked limbs. All the friends that once surrounded her have left. At first, drifting away slowly: noticeably apart, but still within her reach. Now they are scattered on separate paths, beginning a new journey in life. The only one left is him.

She is the only love he has ever known. They have shared every moment together; the sounds of birds in spring, the fireflies in the hot August nights, the golden beauty of autumn. As he touches her on the hill, he feels safe. She is his home; a sense of protection. Yet, he yearns to experience all that the world has to offer; to break away from her embracing arms and like the others, explore the unknown. He is overpowered by this curiosity, but the fear of a life away from her is the reason why he remains by her side.

She senses his desire to break away. Sometimes she can feel the bond which connects them to each other strain and grown thinner. This only compels her to hold on to him tighter. He is all she has left and cannot bear the thought of enduring the bleak winter months alone, once again. However, she knows it is time.

Another gust of wind passes over them, this time brisker and stronger; almost as if it was urging them to part ways.

They both let go.

The last crimson leaf drifts to the ground at the base of the lone maple tree on the hill.


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