I’m Back?

Oh hey there internet, I know you’ve seen me around lately. And we’ve had some good times. You give me so much: entertainment, knowledge, the entire world at my fingertips. But lately you’ve been a little careless with my heart. You’ve been enticing me with things my non-incoming income won’t allow (Alviero Martini handbag, I’m looking at you) and just plain wasting my time.

There’s only one way to solve it. Harness your power for my own! I will no longer be satisfied as a casual bystander. I am, once again, going to put my thoughts out there. I know, I know, I’ve said that before. Years have gone by since I started this blog, and hundreds of occasions I’ve said I would get back to writing. Creativity is just so hard to turn on on a whim. What do I write about? When do I find the time to do so? Why do I even care? I don’t know… let’s find out.

So here’s what has happened to me since I last wrote:

Then, I was looking for love… in the deep online jungle of OKCupid. Dates happened. All good. Surprisingly no terrible experiences.

Now, all my searching paid off. One of the first people I worked up the courage to send a message to turned out to be my now boyfriend of almost two years, Ben (granted it took him a month to finally reply to it). Yah, we’re two freakin’ peas in a pod.

Then, I was unemployed.

Now, I am unemployed… It’s not as bad as it sounds, I swear. The fall after graduating, I got a job at a music store renting and repairing instruments and scheduling their lesson program. It was alright; sometimes I got such a high helping kids out, but their parents made me hate it. Disillusioned with searching for publishing jobs, I thought, “hmm, maybe I could be a teacher?” I proceeded to get my Teacher Certification in Secondary Ed and worked a few tutoring gigs. However, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this wasn’t for me. Flash forward to two years later… WOOSH! Just for shits and giggles I sent an application to the largest textbook publisher in Boston and low and behold, I got a temp job there. It was amazing! I loved what I did, the people were great, and it was on prime real estate. Most importantly, it felt right. That job reaffirmed that yes, publishing is what I really want to do. But alas, it was a temp job. So here I am, doing exactly what I did right out of college.

Then, my friends were super boring and never wanted to do anything.

Now, they’re still super boring and never want to do anything. But a lot of them also ran off to grad school.

Still, battling with anxiety.

Still, living with my parents.

But hey! Life is pretty good. And the future holds even more adventures.


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