5 Fandom Friday :: Games I Love to Play


5 Fandom Friday is here once again! This week is 5 Games I Love to Play. I’m not really one of those video game girls, but I do love me some board and card games. Sitting around and playing games is such a lost pasttime. There’s nothing like the conversation and laughter that bubbles up whilst sitting and playing games among a group of friends. Let’s bring back game night!


Fluxx is an everchanging card game that might be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s addicting! Plus, it comes in dozens of different versions including Monty Python Fluxx and Zombie Fluxx. How cool is that? One of my coworkers introduced me to it when we first started at the company. A whole bunch of us played it during lunch and it brought us together into quite a tight group. Now I try to get everyone to play it.


One of the major problems with Clue being one of your favorite games is that no one wants to play it with you for some strange reason. Whatever that reason may be, I don’t see it. I love solving mysteries and using logic, and sometimes I get too into character.


Taboo is a game much like Catch Phrase, only you’re forbidden to use certain words to describe it. Things can get awfully ridiculous real fast. The best part is getting on the same wavelength as your partner and guessing correctly with the weirdest clues.

Cards Against Humanity

It’s wrong, it’s raunchy, it can make you cringe in disgust, but it’s so much fun! It brings out the wild side in people, believe me, I played this with my own grandma at Easter. And she won! Cards Against Humanity should certainly get some credit for reviving game night.

The Sims

Ugh, so true. I was addicted to The Sims at one point! And the best part, by far, was using the Rosebud cheat to get millions of sims bucks and building elaborate mansions. The Sims has become so much more detailed and “high tech” since I played it, and maybe someday I’ll get the newest version to revisit it.

Who wants to play some games with me now?


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