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My Week in Geek :: Portland, ME Edition

It is common knowledge that an important part of being a geek girl is obsessing over the things you love. Here’s what I’m obsessing over this week!

This past weekend, my boyfriend and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary! Although it technically was Wednesday, between work and wondering where all that time went we had to push “couple time” (puke) to the weekend. As an escape, we decided to go to Portland, Maine–a super adorable, wonderfully New England town, that’s just as eclectic and hipster as its West Coast counterpart. We only spent a short time there, but had a blast and hope to go back in the summer.


 Lodging// Staying true to three years of adventure, we decided to try something new and booked a private room through Air B&B. Now, if you haven’t heard of it, Air B&B is a site were people can rent out a room, a floor, or their entire house to travellers. I was very very skeptical at first– the chance of creepers seemed extremely high– but after pouring through listings and reviews, we found a delightful room in an artsy neighborhood, only a stone’s throw from downtown Portland.

This was such a great decision! Our host and her adorable two year old daughter were the absolute sweetest; even greeting us with a plate freshly baked cookies! By the end of our stay, we even found out that we shared a lot of similar interests. Not to mention it was much more comfortable and homey than a hotel.

Cool, right? Air B&B does a lot to ensure the safety of everyone who uses it, but of course you should always use precaution. If it does seem like something you’d want to do:

  1. Read the listing’s reviews. And make sure there are more than one!
  2. Make sure the host has verified IDs.
  3. Research the neighborhood.
  4. Alert family or friends of your plans.

Eating// Portland is a culinary haven! Not only do you have fabulous gastropubs and restaurants, but there are tons of vegan and vegetarian options. Or if that’s not your style, there’s a always the pub dedicated to creative sausages.

But our favorite stop by far, was The Holy Donut! Magic. Pure magic.


Just look at that! That, my fiends, is a Maple Bacon Donut. It’s basically brunch on a donut. I also got the best mug ever from there. Look! It has a thumb rest!


Drinking// Where there’s good food, you better bet there’s good drink. And like any good New England town, there are microbreweries galore! Every year, there are more and more pumpkin beers, but my alltime favorite is Shipyard Pumpkinhead. It just so happens that Shipyard Brewery is located in Portland!


Breweries are a great way to have cheap fun. Most offer free all-you-can-drink tastings, with their staff sharing their passion for their craft. Shipyard had many flavors that they don’t usually sell in stores or bars. My taste buds left happy!

What?!-ing// While in Portland, we had to visit the world’s only cryptozoology museum. We had heard stories of the International Cryptozoology Museum, but it really had to be seen to believe (which is indicative of cryptozoology in itself). Even if you you think it’s a load of balogna, this place is a hodgepodge of cool collectables and pop culture; did you know that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were based on the Japanese kappa? Ooh boy, this was truly an off the beaten path adventure.


Thanks for reading! I hope this has inspired some weekend getaways!


A Hogwarts Story

Oh, you want to talk Harry Potter? Well you’ve come to the right place. I’ve seen a number of Harry Potter tags going around the blogosphere, but this particular one that I saw on Like Gwen Stacy‘s blog caught my attention; it had me imagining myself wandering the halls of Hogwarts (and certainly not the first time I’ve had these thoughts). So here’s my Hogwarts Story for the world to see!

Are you Pure Blood, Half Blood or Muggle Born?
Definitely a half blood. I grew up with the magic of the wizarding world, but also got to experience movies, amusement parks, and other muggle fun. The best of both worlds!

Which wand chose you (what is is made of)?

Maple and unicorn hair, 10 1/2 inches, light and aerodynamic. JK Rowling says that “maple wands are by nature travellers and explorers.” Perfect for someone who’s dream is to travel the world like me! Unicorn hair is also a good fit since it’s consistent and faithful.


It may say it’s a DeathEater wand, but the swirl design is totally my style.

Did you take an Owl, Cat, Toad or Rat with you?

I’ve always wanted a cat, but my family is allergic. If I were to go off to Hogwarts, I’d get a kitten to keep me company and curl up with me on my big four-poster in the dorms.

Where did the Sorting Hat place you?

I’m torn! The Pottermore Sorting Hat placed me in Gryffindor probably because I am always up for a good adventure, but I’d say I was more of a Hufflepuff. Family and friends are extremely important to me and I’m very loyal to them. I’m also naturally friendly and optimistic. Plus, in Gryffindor, everyone would always be trying to outdo each other and show off. Can’t we all just hang out and get along like Hufflepuffs?

What house did you want to be in?

I initially wanted to be in Ravenclaw, surrounded by people who love reading and learning. Thinking about it now, I probably would never be able to guess the riddle to get into the Common Room.
Which lessons are your favorite and least favorite?

Potions for sure! It’s fascinating how you can bottle fame, brew glory, and even stopper death! Spells are cool and all, but potions can last longer and can be used by anybody. The chemistry behind them would also be very interesting to find out more about.

I would probably bomb Transfiguration and end up with a furry goblet like Ron. And Arithmacy. No, just no.

The form your Patronus takes is…

A rabbit; shy and skittish at first, but once I gain your trust, I’m cuddly, affectionate, and a bit hyperactive.

When confronted with a Boggart, what does it look like to you?
Being a Hufflepuff, I adore my family and friends. The worst thing in the world would be if something happened to them. A boggart would probably create terrible scenes of this if I ever encountered one.

Do you partake in any school sports or magical hobbies?
I would absolutely love to play Quidditch; although not exactly athletic, I can get very competitive. Plus, I don’t think flying would ever get old! Being a Chaser would totally be my position of choice, but who knows if I’d be able to make the team. If not, there are other things to do! Hopefully Hogwarts has a school band and I’d want to write for the school paper.

If you have free time, where would you be found hanging out?
There are probably a million cool places to hang out at Hogwarts, but I think my favorite place would be down by the lake. I’d be one of the kids hanging with the giant squid.

You are most likely to get detention for what?
Doing magic in the halls, for sure. How could I resist?! And there’s no promising that I wouldn’t sneak into the Prefect’s bathroom.

What career do you want after leaving Hogwarts?
I’ve always been interested in wand lore, so after Hogwarts I’d try to get an apprenticeship under Ollivander and eventually take over his business when he retires. I doubt that there can only be three types of cores like he says, so I’d make it my mission to try all sorts of magical properties.

If this post had you thinking of what your life would be like in the Wizarding World, feel free to take this post and link up in the comments!

My Week in Geek :: November 2

It is common knowledge that an important part of being a geek girl is obsessing over the things you love. This is  what I’m obsessing over this week!


Reading// Guys. Last week a dream ten years in the making came true; I met Libba Bray, author of YA fantasy awesomeness A Great and Terrible Beauty (and its sequels). She was the absolute coolest, taking the time to have full-blown conversations with her fans and of course, initiating selfies. While at the festival, I picked up Lair of Dreams, the second book in her Diviners series, a perfect combination of the supernatural, history, and teen melodrama. I’ve only just started, but it feels good to be back in Evie’s fast-paced, Jazz Age New York City


Watching// Speaking of the Roaring 20s, did you know that Season 3 of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is now on Netflix? If you’re not familiar with this gem, Miss Fisher follows a kickass, sexually liberated lady detective in 1920s Australia, who just happens to be middle-aged, but one hot ticket! This show has sooo many great things going for it, and when the third season came out, I binged it right away. I won’t give much away, but let’s just say it’s a good season for Phryne x Jack shippers.

Listening//  JK Rowling is a goddess, and you can hear her magical words talking into your ear holes in her latest sets of interviews with NPR. The conversation focuses mainly on the latest Robert Galbraith book, which unfortunately I haven’t read yet, but even so, just listening to her writing and research project, and motivation behind mystery writing is magical! You can find them here, here, and here.

Wanting// Truthfully, I want ALL THE THINGS! But in particular, I love this shirt. It’s speaking to my life right now.


Thanks for fangirling with me!

Magicians at Hogwarts :: A Crossover Post

In my last Fandom Friday, while thinking of the perfect crossover, I became obsessed with the idea of the studets of Brakebills, the magical academy of Lev Grossman’s Magicians Trilogy, attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Before reading The Magicians, I had often heard it referred to as Harry Potter for grownups. There are two things wrong with that statement; 1) Uhh, what do you mean? Harry Potter is totally for grownups, 2) A school for magic is about the only thing they have in common. Regardless, wouldn’t it be great if the two mixed and mingled? If so, our favorite British witches and wizards would be cussing like sailors and having heated, sexy affairs, and the American magicians would probably just be puzzled that they have to use wands for all their magic, but would have a blast playing Quidditch!

This little fantasy had me sorting Grossman’s characters into houses (as I do with everyone I meet) and speculating what their years at Hogwarts would be like.


Quentin // Ravenclaw


Illustration by Cecilia Bohlin courtesy of

Quentin had the Sorting Hat in a dizzy. Great potential surged through him. Incredible power and immense self-worth for sure, but with little respect for how his actions affected others. Would it be Sytherin? It was clear to the hat that this boy was among the smartest in the room and he was well aware of it. He had excelled in all his previous studies and would have been on his way to the Ivy League. Would it be Ravenclaw? Minutes seemed like an eternity as the hat bounced between its final decision, and the Great Hall held its breath. It then became clear that Quentin Coldwater was the laziest son of a b—- who had ever walked through these halls, and had the ambition of a housefly. Certainly not Slytherin material.

“RAVENCLAW” It shouted.


Alice // Ravenclaw


Alice wanted to disappear on the spot. Having everyone’s eyes upon her was her worst nightmare. “Make this quick,” she thought, and it was. The sorting hat could sense that she had a natural talent for magic, just like her parents, who it had sorted years ago. It would come as easy to her as breathing and she would be one of the greatest Hogwarts had ever see. “Ravenclaw!”

Alice gave a huge sigh of relief, not out fear of where she would be placed, but because she was finally out of the spotlight. She made her way to the Ravenclaw table and sat as close to the end as she could. Her excited housemates laughed around her, but she kept her head down. It was only when she felt the presence of someone’s eyes on her that she looked up. That Coldwater boy was staring at her. She shot him daggers, her expression screaming “What are you looking at?!” It seemed to work.

During the first few weeks, she flew through her classes with flying colors, but always on her heel was Quentin. What was his deal anyways?


Eliot // Gryffindor


A buzz rang in Eliot’s ear as he walked up to the hat. He probably shouldn’t have had that third glass or wine, or was it the fourth? Or that bottle of butterbeer… or that shot of fire whiskey he downed in the secrecy of the bathroom stall. It didn’t matter, he wasn’t nervous. In fact he was loving the throngs of people waiting on the edge of their seats to see where he ended up. The first thing the Sorting Hat picked up was that Eliot was a natural born leader, but quick to throw himself into risky situations. The obvious choice was… “Gryffindor!”

He smirked to himself as he went to find a seat at his house’s table. A rakish blond wizard caught his eye and gave him a wink. “This is going to be a good year,” Eliot thought as he unloaded a flask of vodka into his pumpkin juice.


Julia // Slytherin


At last. After all the anguish she had gone through, Julia was finally here at Hogwarts. How could she have lived in the Muggle world while all her friends had gone on to learn magic, their true calling? Julia would have done anything, even kill, to earn her spot here. Luckily it never came to that. Instead, she had ventured down Knockturn Alley to gain as much knowledge as she could, eventually proving that she had magic in her blood. There was only a slight side effect to that; she now was a bit too familiar with the dark arts.

“Sytherin!” the house announced without even touching her head.


Janet // Hufflepuff

Janet confidently strode up to the hat, but inside her mind was racing with insecurity. Eliot was her best friend and he had already been placed in Gryffindor. What if they didn’t end up together? What if she was all alone? What if she didn’t make any friends? They had already planned to throw wild parties in the Common Room with butterbeer flowing like a river, boys on both their arms. Within an instant, the Sorting Hat could tell that she was fiercely loyal to her friends and shouted “Hufflepuff!” Janet’s face fell and she glanced longingly over at Eliot.

However, the first night at Hogwarts, Janet broke into the kitchen’s store of mead, conveniently placed by the Hufflepuff common room, and gave her fellow house a night that would go down in history.


Penny // Slytherin

“This is another tough case,” the Sorting Hat thought, and it wasn’t just trying to fit over Penny’s mohawk. Now here was a young man who really knew how magic worked. So much so, that he would be able to create his own spells. Ravenclaw would truly help him tap into this skill. But he was also a loose cannon; a student who wouldn’t play well with others. He would strive to prove himself no matter what the cost, whether it be the feelings of others or their lives. There was only one place for someone as ambitious as him, “Sytherin!”

Penny turned as if he were walking back to his designated table, but instead went right past and straight out of the Great Hall. He had no time for this kumbaya shit.

Within no time, Penny find the Room of Requirements and spend much of his time locked away in there, his powers growing stronger and stronger.


Josh // Hufflepuff

Illustration by Trevor John Polcyn courtesy of Lev Grossman’s Pinterest page.

Josh had already made so many new friends that he didn’t even hear the Headmaster call his name. By the second time it was announced, he made a joke to excuse himself and walked confidently up to the hat. Would it be possible to charm the pants off the Sorting Hat? If so, Josh was determined to do it. The hat instantly sensed his good nature and the value he placed on friendship. It also could feel uncontrollable bursts of power surging beneath the boys skin. “Hufflepuff!”

He gave a touchdown dance, and quickly made his way back to the table to rejoin the conversation.

When Quidditch tryouts came around, Josh would earn his spot as one of the Hufflepuff team’s beaters. But no hard feelings when he knocked you off your broom.

5 More Podcasts That YOU Should Be Listening To

The podcasting is still strong with this one.

You may remember my first post about podcasts; you know, the one where I obsess about how these audio delights are basically my life’s blood. Since that post, my schedule has been totally flipped on its head with a full time job and a 45 minute commute and all. But despite being much busier, I’m listening to podcasts even more than ever–if that’s even possible! Something needs to get me through entering spreadsheet data and standing on the train. The best part is, I’m now sharing my podcast obsessions with coworkers, and they’re sharing theirs right back.

That being said, I now have a bunch of new shows that I tune into. Some I love even more than those on my original list! Here are 5 More Podcasts that I strongly recommend.


Gilmore Guys

Who’d like this? Anyone who has a soul. I mean, Gilmore Girls fans; new and old.

Let’s sum it up: two dudes sit around and analyze every single episode of Gilmore Girls. That was enough to get me to listen to it, but in case you need more convincing, a longtime gilly (Gilmore Girls fan), Kevin T. Porter, got his friend, Demi Adejuyigbe (“did you ebay?”) to watch the show for the first time and they meet up to talk, critique, joke, and obsess about it. If you grew up with the GGs, this podcast is a must! And even if you’re watching it for the first time, this is a perfect companion. As someone who’s seen each season numerous times, these bros provide a fresh, funny new perspective. Everyone I know is Team Jess, but Kevin and Demi certainly do not “say yes to the Jess.” Now in the fourth season, the Gilmore Guys have brought this project into the spotlight and have managed to gab with the stars, like Scott Patterson, and showrunners. Even if you’re not a huge gilly, Demi and Kevin are absolutely delightful and I could (and have) listen to them talk, do bits, argue, pun, and sing all day.

The best taste: “Gilmore Gabs – Scott Patterson,” “322 – Those Are Strings Pinocchio (with Jessica St. Clair),” but you should really just start from the beginning.


Who’d like this? Those who like the thrill of feeling like something is hiding under their bed.

Everyone loves a good ghost story, but there’s nothing as terrifying as a true scary story. Thriller author, Aaron Mahnke, gives you chills down your spine by exposing the truth behind urban legends and the stuff that fuels our nightmares. Although only 20 minutes an episode, this podcast is a work of art. Each episode is meticulously researched and beautifully told. Seriously, Mahnke’s voice is enough to haunt you in itself. These stories will stay with you long after you hear them. Especially “The Castle;” I’ve never stared at my iphone muttering “uh, what?!” so much in my life.

The best taste: Episode 8: The Castle,” “Episode 6: Echoes,” “Episode 2: The Bloody Pit


Who’d like this? The twenty-something year old who wants to change the world.

#Millenial (the hashtag is silent) is more than just a podcast; they strive to be a community. A crazy, brazen, outspoken community. On the surface level, #Millenial is a current events podcast hosted by four friends in their mid-20s, covering everything from pop culture to politics through the eyes of today’s young adults (I just sounded very “get off my lawn” saying that). But if you like what you hear, you can go down the #Millenial rabbit hole by joining their Patreon account to get bonus “afterdark” episodes, exclusive content, blog access, host challenges, and lots of other perks. Being a #Millenial is like being part of an exclusive club! Even if you don’t want to be part of the Patreon community, the podcast itself is worth your while. Each hosts brings a different background to the table, educating each other and the audience about what you should know in the world. One commenter even went as far as describing it as filling the void of the Colbert Report. Those are some pretty heavy words.

The best taste: Episode #19: Taboo” (Trigger Warning), “Episode #23: =,” “Episode #13: The Floval Office

Mystery Show

Who’d like this? Those who ponder the great questions of the world, like how come melted frozen yogurt is not regular yogurt?

If there’s something wrong in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Starlee Kine, of course! There is literally nothing too small for her to investigate. No really, the mysteries she sets out to solve are those that are so small that you can’t even google the answer. Mysteries such as “when and why did that video store close?,” “whose belt is this?,” “what does that license plate mean?,” or “how tall is Jake Gyllenhall really?”Starlee goes to great, sometimes extreme lengths to find a satisfying answer because she knows that these questions mean a lot to the person asking them. On her quests, Starlee’s ingrained curiosity and sunny disposition also touches the lives of those she interacts with. This podcast will brighten your day and open your eyes to the everyday world around you.


The best taste: Case #5 Source Code,” “Case #2 Britney,” “Case #3 Belt Buckle


Who’d like this? Those who are freaks, those who are fragile, and those who survived.

This podcast makes me deeply regret that I didn’t document my bizzare antics better while growing up. You may have heard of the Mortified Movement, a project in which adults reflect on their adolescent selves. This is a continuation of that sweet, sweet schadenfreude. Each episode, someone shares their hilarious childhood writings in front of a live audience. This may be super embarrassing, but you come to realize that EVERYONE was their own special brand of weird loser when they were younger. Instead this podcast helps you appreciate how your childhood made you who you are today.

The best taste: “15 Tynan: Peace! One Luv!,” “20 Lizzy: My Semester in South Africa,” “16 Brooke: I Was a Teenage Witch”

Enjoy this new round of fabulous podcasts and hopefully you’ll find your next favorite among them!


I’m A Winner!

I’ve been nominated for a Blogger Recognition Award! I guess I write some decent Fandom Fridays posts.

A big thank you to Fangirls on the Road, who nominated me and always take the time to write kind comments on my posts. It always feels good to know that the thoughts you’re putting out into the world are being read, so please return the favor and read some of theirs!

Also, this award was created by the Edge of Night. And these are the rules:

  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to. Do some digging if you must! Find those blogs. You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you.
  • Write a post to show off your award! Give a brief story of how your blog got started, and give a piece or two of advice to new bloggers. Thank whoever nominated you, and provide a link to their blog. List who you’ve nominated in the post. Make sure to also attach the award itself! (You can do this by right-clicking, saving, and uploading the image above).
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you’ve nominated them. Provide a link to the award post you created.
  • Provide a link to the original post on Edge of Night. That way, anyone can find the original guidelines and post if needed, and we can keep it from mutating and becoming confusing.

Flirty, Dirty, and Oh So Nerdy‘s Origins

I couldn’t even begin to count the number of failed blogs of mine floating around the internet. Ever since I was young, I was always writing, and as early as the days of LiveJournal, I was forcing people to read those writings. Since complaining about my angsty preteen life, I’ve tried making tons of blogs on many different platforms about my interests, primarily my love of books. But I wanted to write about more than that, so Flirty, Dirty, and Oh So Nerdy became a nerdy lifestyle blog with the potential to cover anything and everything. I don’t post nearly as much as I’d like, but so far this has been my longest running blog and I’m proud of it!

My Advice for Bloggers

I’m probably in no position to give blogging advice. I’m still just a newbie myself. But what I will say is that nothing is too small or silly to write about. You don’t have to create the next viral think piece, just put out what’s on your mind. Also, I’ve found that other bloggers in the nerdy community are really nice, helpful, and passionate, so they’re always willing to answer the questions you may have about getting started (and it’ll be better than any advice I can give).

And without further ado, here are my nominations…

Sparkle Side Up


Sonic Iris

Nerdy Ninja Platypus

Lazy Lady

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Girl Seeks Game

Go check the out and keep the nerd love going!