Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree :: 5 Holiday Recommendations


As we draw closer to Christmas, the Fandom Fridays are becoming more and more festive. This week, the topic was 5 Holiday Recommendations. What?! That could mean anything! This had me thinking; one huge reason why I absolutely refuse to get in the Christmas season before Thanksgiving is that I get tired of the same ol’ songs playing on the radio long before Christmas Eve. Therefore, I’m recommending 5 Unique Spins on Holiday Songs.

Christmas, Baby, Please Come Home ((Ben Gibbard))

I’ve been a huge fan of Death Cab for Cutie for many years, and there’s nothing like hearing Ben Gibbard’s haunting voice sing this Darlene Love classic. It may be a bit melancholy, but it’s a perfect song to cuddle up with someone you love and watch the snow fall.

The Nutcracker Suite ((Brian Setzer Orchestra))

There’s something about Christmas music that is synonymous with jazz to me. They’re both fun, festive, and make you want to dance with friends. Jazz guitarist Brian Setzer made an awesome, swinging, compact version of Duke Ellington’s classic spin on Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite (that’s a lot of covers!) that’s sure to get you moving. It’s perfect for any holiday party!

Baby It’s Cold Outside ((She & Him))

A lot of people do not like this song. It’s creepy, misogynist, and just plain annoying. But She & Him took this dated tune and spun it on its head. In this version, Zooey Deschanel sings the traditionally male role, making it way more amusing and will have you cheering for the stomping of the patriarchy.

Happy Holidays – Beef Wellington Remix ((Bing Crosby, technically))

During the holidays, we both honor old traditions and create new ones. Nothing does this better than the Beef Wellington Remix of Bing Crosby’s “Happy Holiday.” The funky hook will have you feeling like you time traveled from the future into a retro black and white holiday movie.

Frosty the Snowman ((Zee Avi))

If you’re worried about the same song repeating on the radio every hour until Christmas, I can guarentee you’re safe with Zee Avi’s “Frosty.” He isn’t exactly a “jolly, happy soul” when she sings the whole song in a minor key. But even after hearing this eerie song once, you’ll never listen to it the same way again.


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