Broadway! Broadway! 5 Broadway Roles I’d Love to Play


OMG! OMG! OMG! What a wonderful Fandom Friday post! I’d be lying if I said I never thought of Broadway roles I’d love to play. Despite being very musically talented my whole life, I can’t sing for the life of me, and although I loved being involved in Drama, I won’t be getting any leading rolls soon. But that doesn’t stop me from loving musicals! Without further ado, here are the 5 Roles I’d Love to Play if I was a triple-threat.

Eponine ((Les Mis))

When I was a wee Middle Schooler, I was in my town’s high school production of Les Mis. As a complete rookie, I only played townspeople, factory workers, and the occasional whore, but I dreamed of someday playing Eponine. Her character is so tragically beautiful, not to mention she was way smarter and fiercer than dumb Cosette. She was destined to be with Marius! I mean come on, have you ever wondered why Cosette and Marius never completely have a duet (it’s always interjected with Eponine), but Eponine and Marius do? Destiny, man.

Gypsy Rose Lee ((Gypsy))

I always enjoy stories of people who shed their inhibitions (or in this case, their clothes) and confidentally step into their true selves. In Gypsy, Louise was shoved around by her mom and sister all her life, but finally shows them her inner strength by transforming into burlesque superstar Gypsy Rose Lee. I’d love a chance to put aside my own timidness to play this sexy role. Plus, it’s a part without much singing!

Elphaba ((Wicked))

I was never a fan of the novel, but Wicked is one of my favorite musicals! What makes it particularly special to me is how it bonded my college roommates and I; “For Good” especially. Although Glinda is much more fun, I’d want to play Elphana because of the underlying darkness in her voice and songs.

Liesl ((The Sound of Music))

Two words: Gazebo Dance. That is all.

Petra ((A Little Night Music))

Although a small part, Petra from A Little Night Music has a big personality. This is another saucy role, which I guess I’m so attracted to because I wish I could only have such brazen confidence. Like typical Sondheim, the lyrics are fast, clever tongue twisters, and I love that her song is all about living life to the fullest.

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5 Fandom Friday :: All About the Dads

5fandomfridayWow, my blog is entirely 5 Fandom Fridays! Being two weeks into a new job does not leave much time to write interesting blog posts, but I try my hardest to make time for these fun prompts. Which leads me to this week’s 5FF! Last month we celebrated the great moms in books and television, so it seems justly so that we do the same for our Favorite Fictional Fathers! This list resonates with me especially because my own father has been so influential in my nerdiness. He fueled my Pokemon card addiction and once drove me through the boonies while on vacation to get a midnight release of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Obviously my dad is the best, but here are some fictional dads that are pretty great too!

Tywin Lannister

Is it a little weird that the first dad I thought about for this was Game of Throne’s Tywin Lannister? He’s definitely not winning any Father of the Year award. But his character is fascinating! He may not necessarily like his children, but understands they are his children nonetheless. He understands the power of family ties… maybe? He will pull whatever strings necessary to ensure his family survives, even if that includes murderous dinner parties. Even in the trial of his youngest son, Tyrion, when it seemed like everyone was on a witchhunt, Tywin had the court in the palm of his hands to ensure that the worst that could happen would be banishment to the Wall. Tyrion may have blew that one though. Despite his cruelty, Tywin is by far one of my favorite characters in the Song of Ice and Fire series due to his unequivocal intellect and strategy, as well as remaining cool as a cucumber while single-handedly ruling an entire kingdom. He also delivers some biting quotes.

My favorite Tywin quote because it accurately sums up my problem with Cersei.

Let’s not forget how in the show, HBO made a great decision of replacing Roose Bolton with Tywin at Harrenhall in Season 2, so that he could take Arya under his wing. His best parenting moments are probably with her. Perhaps Arya is the child he’d wished he had?

Arthur Weasley

Just look at him! He’s so lovable! Like his wife Molly, Arthur worked hard to raise seven kids, making ends meet at a job where no one acknowledged his efforts. His heart is big enough to also be a father figure for Harry and to love his son Percy even when he was being a little turd. Through his fascination with Muggles, Arthur reminds us not to fear what we don’t understand; instead, find out more about it. Ask questions! Take it apart! More of us should live with the same wonderment as Mr. Weasley; we’d have so much compassion for all the different people in this world.

Jean Valjean

Jean Valjean never intended to be a father. He had a lot on his plate with being the mayor of a town, hiding his true identity, and running from the law and all. But when he rescues the young Cosette on behalf of Fantine’s dying words, being a father to her becomes his one true calling. At times, Valjean can be a bit of a helicopter parent, but it’s for Cosette’s best interest. If anyone finds out who he is, he could be arrested and no longer give her the comfortable life he has promised her. This is such a sacrifice and so much is at stake. What makes Valjean such a good father is that he realizes he can’t hold on to his daughter forever. Once he realizes that Cosette is truly in love with Marius, he risks everything to bring them together because her happiness is what ultimately matters to him.

Hans (Papa) Hubermann

The Book Thief is a novel guarantee to make me bawl my eyes out. And a lot of that has to do with the relationship between Papa and his adopted daughter Liesel. When they first meet, Liesel has been torn away from her mother and home, and therefore is sullen and despondent. Papa manages to crack that exterior shell and create a safe haven for her among the terror of Nazi Germany. Most importantly, he teaches her how to read and lights the spark for her voracious appetite for books. Like many of these great fictional fathers, Hans has a steadfast moral compass and speaks up for what is right. This compassion allows him to touch the hearts of all who meet him.

Red Forman

Oh Red, the curmudgeon with a heart of gold. It’s hard to get my head around how such a hardass could be married to someone as sweet as Kitty. Regardless, together they make a great parenting team. 95% of the time, Red is surly to everyone around him, but despite his outward appearance, he is willing to do what’s best for those he cares about. He definitely subscribes to the tough love method of parenting with his son Eric, and he usually motivates others by threatening to stick his foot up their ass, but it has helped Eric and his group of friends become a relatively well adjusted group of young adults. He would hate the fact that he has worked his way into the hearts of all That 70s Show viewers.

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