5 Fandom Friday :: Games I Love to Play


5 Fandom Friday is here once again! This week is 5 Games I Love to Play. I’m not really one of those video game girls, but I do love me some board and card games. Sitting around and playing games is such a lost pasttime. There’s nothing like the conversation and laughter that bubbles up whilst sitting and playing games among a group of friends. Let’s bring back game night!


Fluxx is an everchanging card game that might be intimidating at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s addicting! Plus, it comes in dozens of different versions including Monty Python Fluxx and Zombie Fluxx. How cool is that? One of my coworkers introduced me to it when we first started at the company. A whole bunch of us played it during lunch and it brought us together into quite a tight group. Now I try to get everyone to play it.


One of the major problems with Clue being one of your favorite games is that no one wants to play it with you for some strange reason. Whatever that reason may be, I don’t see it. I love solving mysteries and using logic, and sometimes I get too into character.


Taboo is a game much like Catch Phrase, only you’re forbidden to use certain words to describe it. Things can get awfully ridiculous real fast. The best part is getting on the same wavelength as your partner and guessing correctly with the weirdest clues.

Cards Against Humanity

It’s wrong, it’s raunchy, it can make you cringe in disgust, but it’s so much fun! It brings out the wild side in people, believe me, I played this with my own grandma at Easter. And she won! Cards Against Humanity should certainly get some credit for reviving game night.

The Sims

Ugh, so true. I was addicted to The Sims at one point! And the best part, by far, was using the Rosebud cheat to get millions of sims bucks and building elaborate mansions. The Sims has become so much more detailed and “high tech” since I played it, and maybe someday I’ll get the newest version to revisit it.

Who wants to play some games with me now?


5 Awesome Podcasts for the Flirty, Dirty, and Nerdy

Alas! The Golden Age of Podcasts has dawned!

On the treadmill, stuck in traffic, or pushing tedious paperwork, people are plugged in to the vast network of amazing podcasts. Of course they’ve been around since the dawn of iTunes, but thanks to the unprecedented hype of WBEZ’s true crime investigation, Serial (which is addictively mind blowing, btw), they’ve exploded in popularity. Personally, my week revolves around them! If I’m not learning something, I feel like I’m wasting time. Podcasts fill that time, and my brain with yummy tidbits of information.

So what makes podcasts so great? They’re TV shows for your ears! I hesitate to say movies for your ears because they are predominantly part of a reoccurring series. Like watching dramas? Tune into an installment of a continuing story, like the much raved about Serial. Stay up to watch late night talk shows? Get your celebrity fix from the godfather of podcasts, the Nerdist Podcast. Maybe docuseries are more your thing? Learn something with Invisibilia. Basically there’s something for everyone. And I mean EVERYONE; even the UFO conspiracy theorists out there.

Now that I have you convinced (or am just preaching to the choir), you’ll quickly realize that there are thousands upon thousands of podcasts out there. Where on earth should you start?! How do you know what’s good? Well, I’ve compiled a list of a few of my absolute favorites, and if you’re like me (a millennial geek girl who watches too much TV and has feminist tendencies), I guarantee you too will fall in love with at least one, if not all, off these podcasts!

Pop Culture Happy Hour

Who’d like this? The intellectual pop culture junkie.

Have you ever wished your college was like one of those cool colleges that offered courses on Harry Potter philosophy or the art of Lady Gaga, but unfortunately went to a stuffy Catholic liberal arts school that thought reading Plato was a good time? NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour will make up for that. Get ready for highly scholarly conversations about the ever-evolving nature of rock n’roll, what exactly makes a sequel successful, and just why the Grammy’s don’t really matter anymore. Any fan of books, movies, music, TV, comics, and video games will find this podcast fascinating, but what really solidifies it as one of my personal faves is its perfectly cast panel of experts. Fellow geek girl Linda Holmes leads the discussion with best friend (and I’m convinced secret lover) Stephen Thompson, the mastermind behind NPR Music, and my personal favorite, the cantankerous curmudgeon Glen Weldon, who has been voted most likely to yell “Get off my lawn!” After listening to a few episodes, you can earn your PhD in pop culture, or at least show your friends up at any party.

The cast of Pop Culture Happy Hour.

The best taste:Anniversaries and Kids Entertainment That Stands the Test of Time,” “A Grammy Postmortem and Reality TV in Middle Age,” “A New Definition of Smaug-ness: Movie Sequels and Christmas Music

Stuff Mom Never Told You

Who’d like this? The historically-minded feminist.

This podcast may be ladycentric, but everybody—male or female, old or young, feminists in training or those seasoned in theory—can learn a thing or two from it. Brought to you from the How Stuff Works flagship, hostesses Cristen and Caroline make history, science, relationships, and culture incredibly accessable. Seriously, they can make the most sobering of subjects such as stalking or ebola light and entertaining. Like Pop Culture Happy Hour, this podcast takes the most unassuming subjects and turns them into thesis level studies. Who knew undies had such a long history or that tween music fans control the politics of music. Whenever I see a new episode from SMNTY on my feed, it is the first thing I listen to. I just can’t concentrate knowing it’s waiting for me. Then of course I run off to blabber about what I just learned to everyone I meet. I’m cool like that.

The best taste: Why Take Taylor Swift Seriously?,” “Why Do Women Join Cults?” “Craft Beer Brewsters,” “The Friendzone

Cristen and Caroline of SMNTY.

The Dead Authors Podcast

Who’d like this? Lit lovers, comedians, and time travellers.

Here it is; the podcast that got me into podcasts! Ok, imagine this… science fiction author H.G. Wells uses his infamous time machine to go back in history to bring other renowned authors to modern Los Angeles where they’re interviewed in front of a live audience. Now imagine that H.G. Wells has an intense rivalry with Jules Verne, the apostles of the Gospels are wisecracking frat boys, and William S. Borroughs has a hilarious case of “paul-io” (probably the funniest thing I’ve ever heard). And to top it off, our host, H.G., is played by legendary comedian Paul F. Thompkins, joined by famous funny friends including Kristen Schaal, Andy Daly, Fred Armisen, John Hodgeman, and Nick Kroll. Depending on how the guest interprets their author (some get completely into character, others keep their comic persona), episodes can be a hit or miss. But the ones that are a hit… oh gawd… I could laugh myself into a coma.

The best taste: Chapter 26: William S. Borroughs, featuring Kurt Braunohler,” “Chapter 32: E. Gary Gygax, featuring Chris Tallman,” “Chapter 8: Aesop, featuring Mark McConville

Paul F. Thompkins as H.G. Wells interviewing Jason Mantzoukas as Plato.

Guys We F#@$!d

Who’d like this? The loud, the proud, and those who are looking to have a good time.

I LOVE these ladies! Touted as the “Anti Slut Shaming Podcast,” New York comedians Krystyna Hutchinson and Corrine Fisher interview, yes, the guys they’ve f#@$!d. And it’s hilarious! It all started as a coping method to deal with a particularly nasty breakup and has evolved into a celebration of sexuality and the diversity of relationships. They’ve also gone from sitting down with past sexual conquests to talking to men and women of all backgrounds; from those in sex work all the way to complete virgins. Krystyna and Corrine are hysterical and raunchy, yet also very sincere and extremely engaging with their followers. I sooo want to be their best friend. Each episode is guarenteed to be a fun time, but you might want to consider listening to it in the privacy of your headphones.

F#@$!ers Krystyna Hutchinson and Corrine Fisher.

The best taste:Shane S: What’s a Sex Talk from Dee Snider Like?,” “She Got Slimed? with Danny Tamberelli,” “Are You 50 Shades of Fucked Up?

The Moth

Who’d Like This? Storytellers, dreamers, and those who subscribe to Humans of New York

Everyone has a story to tell, no matter how big or how small. Sometimes those stories are funny, sometimes they’re sad; they can be inspiring, sentimental, heartbreaking, or quirky. But they will all stick with you hours after you hear them. The Moth Podcast is comprised of exerpts taken from The Moth Storytelling events, live shows that showcase the human experience. The greatest part is that these storytellers are no professionals; they are average people like you and me who want to share what they have gone through. And I’m certainly glad they did!

The best taste:Prom,” “Flight,” “My First Story

You certainly have a lot of listening to do. What are you waiting for? Get to it!

~ Erin

The 5 Stages of Getting Fired and Landing Flat on Your Ass

So you just fucked up. Your boss called you into his office and said, “There’s no easy way to tell you this…” For whatever reason—you’re not the right fit for our company, your work isn’t meeting our expectations, it’s just not working out—you didn’t just lose a job, you were outright fired. Well, Dr. Erin is here to help.*

You see, I too have just been fired. Insane, I know. I was so miserable at my job and I let that show in my work. Everyday I would go through the motions, hoping to stay afloat long enough to find a new job. The day would soon come when I would march into work and give my two-weeks notice. Being released from my servitude should have been a blessing. But like in every sinking relationship, I was supposed to break up with them, not the other way around!

These are my emotions; these are my five stages of getting fired:

Denial. Wait, what just happened? I must’ve imagined that. I’m going to clean out my desk and go home, only to have people say, “where did Erin go?” In my own job duldrums, I hallucinated getting fired. Yah, that must be what happened.

Anger. Well you know what? Good riddens! You guys weren’t that great either! You didn’t even give me a freakin’ chance to prove myself. You’re a @#$% and I always said that! Peace out, @&%*$# #$%&@#$ !!

Sentimentality. Oh… I don’t work there anymore. Goodbye desk, goodbye computer, goodbye comfy office chair… I always liked you. So-n-so was always really nice to me; she was very patient and nice. What’s-his-name was really cool and actually talked to me while I was there; I’ll miss him. And the cashier at the cafeteria, she’ll wonder where I am.

Depression. Shit. I’m never going to find another job. If I couldn’t do this, what can I do? This is an indicator of my skills and accumulative work. This is always how it is. I have no drive; I have no work ethic. I’m a failure. If you need me, I’ll be curled up in bed for a week or three.

Acceptance. Hey, it’s going to be ok. This was a learning experience; I now know so much more about how I work, what I want to do, and what environment I want to be in. Take this time off and treat yo’self. And when you get that job that you love, you’ll rock it. Everything’s going to be alright.

*Despite taking more than the required amount of psych classes in college, I am in NO WAY a licensed psychologist and taking legitimate advice from me would be ludacris. I am just venting my feelings.