Book Pairings :: Me Talk Pretty One Day

Just like a sommelier recommends the perfect wine for your meal, I am here to pair the ideal drink for your reading pleasure. Book Pairings is an unconventional book review that expresses my thoughts and feelings about a novel in terms of booze.


The Book: Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris

The Booze: Mimosas

If you take a gander at any “Best Books of the 20th Century” or “Books to Read in a Lifetime” list, this particularly humorous memoir comes up everytime. You may have heard of its author as a regular contributor to NPR or an as an essayist in The New Yorker, and if you haven’t you should drag yourself out of that cozy rock you’re under and check him out. That author is David Sedaris, and that memoir is Me Talk Pretty One Day. Apparently I can die now, because I read it.

I was first exposed to him during a live performance of The Santaland Diaries, a sidesplitting account of his shortlived career as a Macy’s (or similar) elf. Although few can say they’ve been Santa’s helper, Sedaris’s talents come in his ability to find humor in the everyday experience. Which brings me to our book pairing: the perfect way to start your morning, a mimosa. This mix of champagne and orange juice takes an ordinary, everyday staple and adds a bubble to tickle your soul.

Part One: The Champagne. Sedaris has authored many many memoirs in his career, and he’s still going! This man has lived more lives than Captain Bluebear (13 1/2, for those who don’t know)! Despite having many outlandish adventures as a child, student, and adult, Me Talk Pretty focuses primarily on his life abroad in France with his ridiculously cool boyfriend (who when I found out they’re still together made me squeal with happiness). He struggles to learn the language, adjust to a foreign country, and avoids as much as possible to be seen as the stereotypical “stupid American.” Therefore, I thought the perfect drink for this book would be something inherently French. Champagne, by it’s very name, is that drink. You can drink sparkling wine from anywhere, but unless it’s made in the Champagne region of France, it is not Champagne.

Part Two: The Orange Juice. I first picked this book up at the library in its physical form, however, a few pages in I realized that I simply could not read a David Sedaris book. It must be listened to. These are his personal experiences and he’s just so sarcastic, that you’re missing out on the narrative if he’s not reading it. After downloading it on Audible, I soon fell into a routine of listening to a chapter or two as I enjoyed my morning. Nestled in my favorite chair, eating my breakfast with a hot cup of tea, this book has been cemented in my mind as breakfast food. That is why I simply had to make its paired drink the ideal brunching booze.

Although I wasn’t blown away by Me Talk Pretty One Day, it was a very enjoyable read. Whether you’re imagining guitar lessons with his perverted midget guitar teacher or spending time with his somewhat twisted family, you’ll be laughing away at his interpretations of his world. So mix yourself a mimosa and grab this or one of David Sedaris’s many other hysterical memoirs.