5 Reasons Why Autumn Should Be All Year Long

5fandomfridayFall is here, hear the yell
back to school, ring the bell
brand new shoes, walking blues
climb the fence, books and pens
I can tell that we are gonna be friends
I can tell that we are gonna be friends

Fall is here! Technically, of course. Here in New England, it still feels like the middle of August. Nevertheless, I can smell the turning of the seasons in the air and see it in the longer shadows. Autumn is absolutely, without a doubt my favorite season; everything about it warms my soul — except that it means winter is around the corner. And I’m so lucky to live somewhere that does fall right. If Mother Nature asked me, I would make it Autumn all year! There are hundreds of reasons why, but here are my favorites.

Fall Fashion

Scarves, sweaters, and boots! Oh my!

I’m pretty sure clothes were invented for Autumn. It’s cool enough that you can layer up with adorable scarves and cozy sweaters, but still warm enough that you can wear cute dresses and skirts. Then there are the fall colors. Earth tones and deep dark hues are perfect for me! And leather! How can you forget about leather? Boots, messenger bags, light jackets. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

Ahh! I absolutely can’t wait for the weather to finally turn and I can bust out my fall wardrobe!


Usually as soon as the calendar turns to September, people think it’s pumpkin spice this and pumpkin spice that.


I have a very important life rule: October is pumpkin spice month, but September is apple season! You cannot skip apple season.


It starts with apple picking at lovely, quaint orchards, and soon spirals to warm apple cider, warm spiked apple cider, apple pie, apple crisp, caramel apples, and apple donuts… oh god, apple donuts. To deny yourself apple is to deny yourself life.


Now we can get to pumpkins. Pumpkins epitomize fall in everything from food to decoration! As even the most basic biddy knows, pumpkin spice is freakin delicious. I don’t mean to be stereotypical, but have you tasted pumpkin spice? It tastes like a warm hug.

But that’s not where the pumpkin ends. During Autumn, pumpkin should be EVERYWHERE! I demand that each house should have at least three pumpkins on their stoop and one as the centerpiece of every table. If you don’t have much time, you can keep your pumpkin as is, but you’re depriving yourself of the joy of jack o’lanterns.  Carving pumpkins is so much fun! You get to go elbow deep in goop and create a masterpiece. Then roast up the seeds with yummy spices! I always spend weeks thinking of how I will design my pumpkins. I don’t mean to brag, but I usually beast it.

And by far my favorite pumpkin activity is the Jack o’lantern Spectacular, a scenic walk through a park lined with themed carvings by super talented artists. Not going to lie, I’m pretty sure I want my future husband to propose to me here.


While we’re on the subject of jack o’lanterns, let’s talk about Halloween. It’s my favorite holiday. Christmas is overrated, but Halloween is the real deal. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to hide my love for “spooky shit;” as much as pains me in the end, I love scaring the pants off myself. And as October rolls around, scary stories are told, scary movies are released, and there’s just a tangible darkness in the air. I LOVE IT!

You’re also never too old to dress up, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. On Halloween, you can be whoever or whatever you damn well please. Then throw a fabulous Halloween party with themed liquid refreshments. THE BEST!


Last, but not least, the world gets more beautiful during Fall. The air is cleaner, the sky is brighter, and the leaves turn brilliant colors. I have been so fortunate to live in an area that is perfect for this. People may travel to New England to see the leaves change, but I get to see it everyday. Not only see it, but feel the crunch of the fallen leaves under my shoes. Fall is my favorite time to go for hikes and take it all in. It makes you want to capture the moment forever.

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5 More Podcasts That YOU Should Be Listening To

The podcasting is still strong with this one.

You may remember my first post about podcasts; you know, the one where I obsess about how these audio delights are basically my life’s blood. Since that post, my schedule has been totally flipped on its head with a full time job and a 45 minute commute and all. But despite being much busier, I’m listening to podcasts even more than ever–if that’s even possible! Something needs to get me through entering spreadsheet data and standing on the train. The best part is, I’m now sharing my podcast obsessions with coworkers, and they’re sharing theirs right back.

That being said, I now have a bunch of new shows that I tune into. Some I love even more than those on my original list! Here are 5 More Podcasts that I strongly recommend.


Gilmore Guys

Who’d like this? Anyone who has a soul. I mean, Gilmore Girls fans; new and old.

Let’s sum it up: two dudes sit around and analyze every single episode of Gilmore Girls. That was enough to get me to listen to it, but in case you need more convincing, a longtime gilly (Gilmore Girls fan), Kevin T. Porter, got his friend, Demi Adejuyigbe (“did you ebay?”) to watch the show for the first time and they meet up to talk, critique, joke, and obsess about it. If you grew up with the GGs, this podcast is a must! And even if you’re watching it for the first time, this is a perfect companion. As someone who’s seen each season numerous times, these bros provide a fresh, funny new perspective. Everyone I know is Team Jess, but Kevin and Demi certainly do not “say yes to the Jess.” Now in the fourth season, the Gilmore Guys have brought this project into the spotlight and have managed to gab with the stars, like Scott Patterson, and showrunners. Even if you’re not a huge gilly, Demi and Kevin are absolutely delightful and I could (and have) listen to them talk, do bits, argue, pun, and sing all day.

The best taste: “Gilmore Gabs – Scott Patterson,” “322 – Those Are Strings Pinocchio (with Jessica St. Clair),” but you should really just start from the beginning.


Who’d like this? Those who like the thrill of feeling like something is hiding under their bed.

Everyone loves a good ghost story, but there’s nothing as terrifying as a true scary story. Thriller author, Aaron Mahnke, gives you chills down your spine by exposing the truth behind urban legends and the stuff that fuels our nightmares. Although only 20 minutes an episode, this podcast is a work of art. Each episode is meticulously researched and beautifully told. Seriously, Mahnke’s voice is enough to haunt you in itself. These stories will stay with you long after you hear them. Especially “The Castle;” I’ve never stared at my iphone muttering “uh, what?!” so much in my life.

The best taste: Episode 8: The Castle,” “Episode 6: Echoes,” “Episode 2: The Bloody Pit


Who’d like this? The twenty-something year old who wants to change the world.

#Millenial (the hashtag is silent) is more than just a podcast; they strive to be a community. A crazy, brazen, outspoken community. On the surface level, #Millenial is a current events podcast hosted by four friends in their mid-20s, covering everything from pop culture to politics through the eyes of today’s young adults (I just sounded very “get off my lawn” saying that). But if you like what you hear, you can go down the #Millenial rabbit hole by joining their Patreon account to get bonus “afterdark” episodes, exclusive content, blog access, host challenges, and lots of other perks. Being a #Millenial is like being part of an exclusive club! Even if you don’t want to be part of the Patreon community, the podcast itself is worth your while. Each hosts brings a different background to the table, educating each other and the audience about what you should know in the world. One commenter even went as far as describing it as filling the void of the Colbert Report. Those are some pretty heavy words.

The best taste: Episode #19: Taboo” (Trigger Warning), “Episode #23: =,” “Episode #13: The Floval Office

Mystery Show

Who’d like this? Those who ponder the great questions of the world, like how come melted frozen yogurt is not regular yogurt?

If there’s something wrong in the neighborhood, who you gonna call? Starlee Kine, of course! There is literally nothing too small for her to investigate. No really, the mysteries she sets out to solve are those that are so small that you can’t even google the answer. Mysteries such as “when and why did that video store close?,” “whose belt is this?,” “what does that license plate mean?,” or “how tall is Jake Gyllenhall really?”Starlee goes to great, sometimes extreme lengths to find a satisfying answer because she knows that these questions mean a lot to the person asking them. On her quests, Starlee’s ingrained curiosity and sunny disposition also touches the lives of those she interacts with. This podcast will brighten your day and open your eyes to the everyday world around you.


The best taste: Case #5 Source Code,” “Case #2 Britney,” “Case #3 Belt Buckle


Who’d like this? Those who are freaks, those who are fragile, and those who survived.

This podcast makes me deeply regret that I didn’t document my bizzare antics better while growing up. You may have heard of the Mortified Movement, a project in which adults reflect on their adolescent selves. This is a continuation of that sweet, sweet schadenfreude. Each episode, someone shares their hilarious childhood writings in front of a live audience. This may be super embarrassing, but you come to realize that EVERYONE was their own special brand of weird loser when they were younger. Instead this podcast helps you appreciate how your childhood made you who you are today.

The best taste: “15 Tynan: Peace! One Luv!,” “20 Lizzy: My Semester in South Africa,” “16 Brooke: I Was a Teenage Witch”

Enjoy this new round of fabulous podcasts and hopefully you’ll find your next favorite among them!


Double Fandom Friday :: Guilty Pleasures and Aliens

5fandomfridayI’ve been a very very bad blogger lately. I’ve skipped not one, but two weeks of Fandom Fridays. But fear not, dear readers, I haven’t abandoned them to the abyss. I’m bringing both of them to you now! Consider it an apology for leaving you hanging. Last week’s topic was 5 Favorite Aliens, a topic I admittedly am not too familiar with, but I’ll give it a try, and the week before was Geeky Guilty Pleasures. So without further ado, here we go.

My Geeky Guilty Pleasures

Part of the reason why I skipped this week was it’s just so dang hard to think of. I have a plethora of extreme geeky pleasures, but it’s hard to think of the ones I necessarily feel guilty about. In the end, I decided to go with the ones I’m not as vocal about or like way more than is probably advised. I should work harder to be less ashamed of them.

Disney Princesses

As a geek girl and a feminist, I’m often torn between my love for Disney Princess movies. I am totally aware of all their downfalls: they promote unrealistic standards of both beauty and love, they’re not exactly the most inclusive, some have weirdly abusive relationships, and what’s with the mother issues? But I’m also a sucker for pretty dresses and catchy songs. In the end, I can’t help but love Disney movies! They’re just magical!



Here’s where you may be saying, “What?! Why should you be guilty about that?” For me, anime is an example of one of those nerdy things I love that I don’t really bring up. Not because I’m embarrassed about it, it’s just that I don’t have many friends who share that fandom. And maybe I do, but they have the same mindset and haven’t said anything about it either! Also, it’s one of those pleasures I don’t know a lot about. I explored lots of shows growing up, but nowadays, I’m just very loyal to what I was into then. This includes Fullmetal Alchemist, which I adore, and another favorite of mine, Rurouni Kenshin. Although I’m not very vocal about this geekside, it’s still very special to me.

This season of the Bachelorette

Ok, here’s one I’m legitimately embarrassed about. The Bachelor/Bachelorette is an awful show. Do people actually think that this is real love? It’s the most contrived way to meet someone on the face of the planet. Then there’s the sickening double standards where outspoken women contestants are considered bitches, while the outspoken men are protecting their lady, or that the bachelor can hook up with everyone, but the bachelorette is considered a slut if she does that. Let me repeat, this show is awful, yet I’ve been glued to this season! This bachelorette, Kaitlyn, actually seems like a real person! She’s not a paper doll with the fantasized midwestern girl morality, but someone with a sense of humor and a sexual appetite. What a breath of fresh air! Oh yah, and the man candy…

Spooky Shit

“Spooky shit” is my catch-all term for anything that is paranormal, mysterious, unsolved, unexplained, and generally, well, spooky. Why is this my guilty pleasure? Because I intentionally scare the pants off myself, yet I can’t resist it. I am a firm believer in ghosts (a potential believer in cryptozoology) and love hearing scary stories or listening to EVPs. No matter how cheesy ghost hunting shows are, I love them! This also goes for spooky podcasts like my new fave, Lore. I’m pretty sure if I ever actually encountered any spooky shit, I would curl into a fetal position and cry, yet my boyfriend and I have intentionally booked a stay at a haunted hotel this fall, so we’ll just have to find out!

Being an Anglophile

Newsflash: I’m not British. I was born and raised in a very Americn household. But a girl can dream, right? Instead, I’m obsessed with tea, glued to anything on BBC, swoon over Benedict Cumberbatch, and yes, think corgis are the cutest things to waddle this earth. I feel guilty about this because I’m attracted to the allure of another country despite never visiting there. Hopefully I will soon! And that will either crush my fascination or make me even more obsessed!

5 Favorite Dr. Who Aliens

Ok, I’m not really into scifi things. I’ve never been obsessed about Star Wars, shows like Mork and Mindy and Third Rock from the Sun were before my time, and frankly, E.T. freaks me out. So I’m not really well versed enough to talk about Aliens. I can, however, talk about Dr. Who. That’s why I’ve altered this prompt to be My Favorite Aliens from Dr. Who.

Weeping Angels

Anyone not utterly terrified by Weeping Angels is a filthy stinkin’ liar. From their haunting appearance, to the fact that any statue might be a Weeping Angel is disguise is enough to make you never blink again. But that’s why they are my favorite aliens from the series. It’s actually quite poetic that they feed off potential energy. Weeping Angel episodes are also undeniably the best ones. “Blink” even being the best of all time.


True, the episode “Partners in Crime” isn’t exactly one of the greates episodes, but how can you look at that face and not love Adipose. They’re so cute! Plus, you can always blame any weight gain on them instead of your own laziness.


Captain Jack Harkness (The Face of Boe)

Be still my heart! Although he is human, he hails from the Boeshane peninsula, making him indeed an alien. I’m a sucker for a bad boy and Jack is a rogue Time Agent, as charming as they come. I haven’t seen many episodes of Torchwood, but I love the role he plays on Dr. Who, as almost a foil to the Ninth Doctor.

Then there’s the Face of Boe. Though clearly not as good looking as Jack, the face of Boe is a noble, intellectual, and influential figure. As the Doctor’s oldest friend, he has provided much guidance over the years. And how can you not tear up as the Face of Boe looks at his last sky?

Vashta Nerada

I don’t know why I like the Vashta Nerada so much, when they’re clearly very anti-books. But maybe it’s not them I like as much as I like the episodes “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead.” Although these flesh eating aliens are not the same, I associate them also with the library inside a little girl’s mind. They’re also responsible for the first and last time we meet River Song.

And of course…

Time Lords

I have two hearts full of love to give for Time Lords, especially our beloved Doctor. What else is there to be said about the Doctor that hasn’t already been mentioned hundreds of times before? He is out to protect every race of beings in the universe, which makes him the best of them all!

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