Going Back to Hogwarts with the Harry Potter Re-Read

“Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.”

Here it is; the incentive I need to stop being such a bad blogger. That incentive, of course, is Harry Potter (like all incentives should be). Since starting work at the most khaki wearing, cubicle dwelling job ever, the Harry Potter series have been on my mind a lot. While waiting to actually have a role here, checking out some small posts about new Pottermore content have led to perusing Potter Pinterest boards, listening to Potter podcasts, and even inspired a small, super nerdy fanfic (I’m really bored, ok?!). I’ve got Hogwarts on brain! So when I saw Book Journey’s Re-Read Challenge on Bitches with Books, I had to jump on board… even if it is a little late. In the next few months, I will be devouring all seven Harry Potter books, while trying to squeeze in my other readings, and blogging about any memories they have stirred up or new thoughts that they have inspired. Sound good? I thought so too.

Before I embark on my magical quest, I’ll let you know a little bit of my history with the series and what House I’ll be earning points for.

On my tenth birthday, my aunt came back from a business trip to London toting my present: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Instantly I was enthralled by their colorful covers depicting castles, flying brooms, and mystical creatures like unicorns, phoenixes, and a certain three-headed dog. The very same day I was playing pretend with my younger cousin, imagining a tennis ball was the golden snitch depicted on the first book, which I was under the impression was the titular sorcerer’s stone. After that, my life became entwined with Harry’s. I waited for my owl the following year, I “dated” my first boyfriend when he had a fling with Cho Chang, and I graduated high school when the Golden Trio’s last adventure was released. Basically, if I was to make a list of the most influential pieces of culture in my life, Harry Potter would be either first or second (he can duke it out with the Lord of the Rings movies). Since I have read all seven books at least once (and I believe six of them twice or more) I will be participating in the challenge as a seventh year. In all honesty, I should probably be a professor.

Additionally I’m in…

ta-da! Hufflepuff!

Every sorting quiz from Pottermore, down to shoddy Buzzfeed ones has placed me in Gryffindor (really, I’m flattered), but I know where I truly belong. It’s probably my thirst for adventure, travel, and willingness to try new things that have labeled me brave and noble, but god, I hate confrontation and wouldn’t want to do any of those things without my friends by my side. Power to the Puff!

So don your capes and get on your brooms; let’s get this Harry Potter Read-Along started!