5 Fandom Friday :: Surviving the Apocalypse


Welcome back to 5 Fandom Friday!! Since it’s October, and danger and creepiness is in the air, this week’s topic is 5 People I’d Want By My Side During the Apocalypse. In an age of zombie movies and apocalyptic fiction, it’s hard not to think of how I’d survive after civilized society falls; is it more strategic to live in a city or the country? Would I stay true to my morals? What would be my weapon of choice? I’m not going to lie, I probably wouldn’t survive very long. But with this squad by my side, maybe I’d have a chance!

Daryl Dixon ((The Walking Dead))

It isn’t clear whether this is a zombie apocalypse or not, but either way, Daryl is a fighter you’d want as part of your alliance. His skills with a crossbow are lethal and perfect to keep any danger from getting too close. Yes, he’s a bit moody, but his rugged good looks would boost morale.

Katniss Everdeen ((The Hunger Games))

Katniss is a true survivor. Not only is she deadly with a bow, but she has crucial knowledge of what plants are safe to eat and what herbs can heal wounds. I’d most likely off myself in a way completely unrelated to the apocalypse — eating too many poisonous berries or something — so having Katniss around would probably save me. She’s also cool,clever, and funny; someone who’d make the end of the world more bearable.

Buffy Summers ((Buffy the Vampire Slayer))

Buffy’s already dealed with the end of the world once, a second time would be nothing. In addition to being a complete badass, she’s loyal to her friends until the very end. She’d never leave me behind if I contracted the plague. And if the end of times happened to be caused by something supernatural, I’m sure Buffy would be able to solve it.

Ron Swanson ((Parks and Rec))

Ron’s been prepping for the apocalypse even before he had his first taste of bacon. Since he’s already so accustomed to living off the grid, he’d build us the most secure safehouse ever and use his wilderness skills to keep us alive. Even though he’s tough as nails, he’s a big softie on the inside and would be a great companion to have when all else is lost.

The Traveling Symphony ((Station Eleven))

Ok, the Traveling Symphony is more than one person, but as any good nerd knows, “survival is insufficient.” I may have this crew that could fight away zombies, hunt for food, and keep us alive, but what is the point of surviving without art? The Traveling Symphony would provide something to stay alive for, I’d probably even contribute my own musical talents and join them!

And the cheat…

The Doctor ((Doctor Who))

And when things get too rough, I’d just call the Doctor to get us the hell out of here.

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5 Fandom Friday :: Magical Items I NEED to Own

Drumroll please…

Hey everyone! It’s 5 Fandom Friday, brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie and Female Geek Bloggers community. I missed last week since I was travelling the country, so this week I’m coming back in full force! This week, the theme is 5 Magical Items You Would Want to Own. Immediately my mind jumped to basically everything Harry Potter related, but don’t worry, I threw in some other things too.

An Invisibility Cloak

This was the very first thing I thought of. Being not very deviant by nature, I’m not entirely sure what I would even use it for. I would probably just drop some eaves on people’s conversations or do some hardcore people watching. That’s about it. Maybe sneak into a movie. Regardless, I need an invisibility cloak.

A Pensieve

Man, do I ever need one of these!? Sometimes there are so many thoughts going through my head that I feel like I’m going to combust. A pensieve would solve that by neatly storing them until I want to check on them again. It’s like the ultimate diary. It would also be very useful in recalling my extremely weird dreams. The downside is that I would probably over analyze past events causing me to go crazy a la that Black Mirror episode.


I am such a history geek! I would love to hop in my TARDIS and chill with the greatest minds in history; I’m sure they’re great drinking buddies. I would try my hardest not to alter history as we know it, but no promises. And when I’m tired of travelling through time and space, I hear it has a great pool.

A Firebolt Broom

“Take off on my broom, I’m gonna fly circles around you.” This would be my primary mode of transportation, though it may not be ideal in these cold, New England winters.

Lembas Bread

Everyone in Middle Earth be cray about Lembas Bread; I simply need to try some for myself. Made by elves, it must be the most delicious thing ever! And it would be so handy on a hike or long car trip. Clearly food is a major priority for me.

What would your magical items be? More importantly, could you get any of these for me?