5 Fandom Friday :: Surviving the Apocalypse


Welcome back to 5 Fandom Friday!! Since it’s October, and danger and creepiness is in the air, this week’s topic is 5 People I’d Want By My Side During the Apocalypse. In an age of zombie movies and apocalyptic fiction, it’s hard not to think of how I’d survive after civilized society falls; is it more strategic to live in a city or the country? Would I stay true to my morals? What would be my weapon of choice? I’m not going to lie, I probably wouldn’t survive very long. But with this squad by my side, maybe I’d have a chance!

Daryl Dixon ((The Walking Dead))

It isn’t clear whether this is a zombie apocalypse or not, but either way, Daryl is a fighter you’d want as part of your alliance. His skills with a crossbow are lethal and perfect to keep any danger from getting too close. Yes, he’s a bit moody, but his rugged good looks would boost morale.

Katniss Everdeen ((The Hunger Games))

Katniss is a true survivor. Not only is she deadly with a bow, but she has crucial knowledge of what plants are safe to eat and what herbs can heal wounds. I’d most likely off myself in a way completely unrelated to the apocalypse — eating too many poisonous berries or something — so having Katniss around would probably save me. She’s also cool,clever, and funny; someone who’d make the end of the world more bearable.

Buffy Summers ((Buffy the Vampire Slayer))

Buffy’s already dealed with the end of the world once, a second time would be nothing. In addition to being a complete badass, she’s loyal to her friends until the very end. She’d never leave me behind if I contracted the plague. And if the end of times happened to be caused by something supernatural, I’m sure Buffy would be able to solve it.

Ron Swanson ((Parks and Rec))

Ron’s been prepping for the apocalypse even before he had his first taste of bacon. Since he’s already so accustomed to living off the grid, he’d build us the most secure safehouse ever and use his wilderness skills to keep us alive. Even though he’s tough as nails, he’s a big softie on the inside and would be a great companion to have when all else is lost.

The Traveling Symphony ((Station Eleven))

Ok, the Traveling Symphony is more than one person, but as any good nerd knows, “survival is insufficient.” I may have this crew that could fight away zombies, hunt for food, and keep us alive, but what is the point of surviving without art? The Traveling Symphony would provide something to stay alive for, I’d probably even contribute my own musical talents and join them!

And the cheat…

The Doctor ((Doctor Who))

And when things get too rough, I’d just call the Doctor to get us the hell out of here.

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5 Fandom Friday :: Crossovers That Would Make My Heart EXPLODE

5fandomfridayLong weekends are sure good for catching up on Fandom Fridays! This is probably the first timely post I’ve written in months, which was amazing because this was a TOUGH topic. I was stumped thinking of 5 crossovers that would make my poor heart explode. I’m a fan of a lot of things, but appreciate them for their own universe and characters. I tried to come up with crossovers that share common motifs and would make somewhat sense if they happened to cross paths. Here’s what I came up with.

Thursday Next x Dr. Who

dr. thursday

The Doctor can travel through time and space; Thursday Next can travel through fiction. Together, they’d go on the most amazing adventures ever! Thursday probably wouldn’t settle to be a Companion, but they’d have a blast working together.

Game of Thrones x Lord of the Rings

Far far away, there are two magical continents: Middle Earth and Westeros (and many more if you count Essos, Sothoryos… etc). Both are steeped in Medieval culture and inhabited by myths and magic. Imagine if those worlds crossed. Daenerys’s reign would probably go a bit differently if Smaug was one of her dragons, and HBO would give the Fellowship the grittier, sexier reboot it deserves.

The Magicians x Harry Potter

magicians cave

How would our favorite witches and wizards survive in the cynical magic realm of Fillory? Did Harry, Ron, and Hermione go to college at Brakebills? Would Quentin and his magician friends thing Hogwarts teaches parlor tricks? Only a crossover could tell!

harry potter cave

Disney Crossovers Galore!

Since Disney broke news about Frozen’s Anna and Elsa being Tarzan’s sisters (a link I frankly don’t really buy), I’ve decided that more Disney movies need to be linked. Particularly the Disney princesses hanging out. We’ve seen Rapunzel at Arendelle, but I’m sure she could totally bond with Jasmine over helicopter-parents. And Mulan and Merida would have a blast turning down suitors to kick ass instead. When can we get a movie of them hanging out?

Buffy x Twilight

bella the vampire slayer

Hoooooooboy! Shit would go down! I would love to see Buffy tell Bella that dating Vampires can funk with your heart, and Willow telling Jacob that he might have a chance; werewolves can make decent boyfriends.

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5 Fandom Friday :: 5 Spin-Offs That Need to Happen

5fandomfridayLookee here, lookee here, I’m actually catching up on some Fandom Fridays! This week’s was 5 Spin-Offs That You’d Like to See. This was a fun and pretty easy one, especially when it comes to worlds that were built so well that you never want to leave them. Here are the spin-offs that I’d be into in a heartbeat.


Anything and Everything Harry Potter

I’m super psyched for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, but I want more! The Wizarding World that JK Rowling created was my entire childhood and much of my early adulthood, and it still remains the most creative, fascinating story to me. I crave more of Hogwarts, witches, and wizards, whether it’s the Marauders, the Golden Trio’s lives after school, or a whole new generation. There’s just so much more to explore in that world!


Amy and Rory in the Past

The departure of Amy and Rory in Dr. Who had me crying more than the departure of any other companion. They do not die tragically or lose all the memories they had of the doctor (like Donna, another tear jerker), but instead are sent back in time by Weeping Angels. But do we really accept that a feisty couple like Amy and Rory settled down once trapped in the Roaring 20s? No way! I imagine they keep saving the world even without the help of the doctor, and I’d love to see a spin-off of them doing so, with lots of gorgeous period costumes of course!


Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

How come Angel got a spin-off series and Spike didn’t? Angel was way boring. A series following the adventures of William the Bloody or Spike fighting on the streets of New York would be so entertaining! Just any excuse to have more Spike in our lives would be pretty great.


Plum from The Magician’s Land


Quentin, the protagonist of Lev Grossman’s Magicians series, may no longer be allowed to visit the magical land of Fillory ever again, but his protege, Plum, is still young, developing her powers, and has ties to the fantasy world. Pus, she’s badass and sarcastic, and certainly not an awful human like Quentin. I would love to see Plum go back to continue her studies at Brakebills, then explore the Neitherlands.


A Bronn and Tyrion Bromance

Ahhh! They’re the greatest! There are tons of hilarious pairings in Game of Thrones; Tyrion and Jorah, Bronn and Jaime, Jaime and Brienne; but none are as amazing as Bronn and Tyrion. My perfect TV show would simply be a sitcom of them and their awesome bromance.


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Double Fandom Friday :: Guilty Pleasures and Aliens

5fandomfridayI’ve been a very very bad blogger lately. I’ve skipped not one, but two weeks of Fandom Fridays. But fear not, dear readers, I haven’t abandoned them to the abyss. I’m bringing both of them to you now! Consider it an apology for leaving you hanging. Last week’s topic was 5 Favorite Aliens, a topic I admittedly am not too familiar with, but I’ll give it a try, and the week before was Geeky Guilty Pleasures. So without further ado, here we go.

My Geeky Guilty Pleasures

Part of the reason why I skipped this week was it’s just so dang hard to think of. I have a plethora of extreme geeky pleasures, but it’s hard to think of the ones I necessarily feel guilty about. In the end, I decided to go with the ones I’m not as vocal about or like way more than is probably advised. I should work harder to be less ashamed of them.

Disney Princesses

As a geek girl and a feminist, I’m often torn between my love for Disney Princess movies. I am totally aware of all their downfalls: they promote unrealistic standards of both beauty and love, they’re not exactly the most inclusive, some have weirdly abusive relationships, and what’s with the mother issues? But I’m also a sucker for pretty dresses and catchy songs. In the end, I can’t help but love Disney movies! They’re just magical!



Here’s where you may be saying, “What?! Why should you be guilty about that?” For me, anime is an example of one of those nerdy things I love that I don’t really bring up. Not because I’m embarrassed about it, it’s just that I don’t have many friends who share that fandom. And maybe I do, but they have the same mindset and haven’t said anything about it either! Also, it’s one of those pleasures I don’t know a lot about. I explored lots of shows growing up, but nowadays, I’m just very loyal to what I was into then. This includes Fullmetal Alchemist, which I adore, and another favorite of mine, Rurouni Kenshin. Although I’m not very vocal about this geekside, it’s still very special to me.

This season of the Bachelorette

Ok, here’s one I’m legitimately embarrassed about. The Bachelor/Bachelorette is an awful show. Do people actually think that this is real love? It’s the most contrived way to meet someone on the face of the planet. Then there’s the sickening double standards where outspoken women contestants are considered bitches, while the outspoken men are protecting their lady, or that the bachelor can hook up with everyone, but the bachelorette is considered a slut if she does that. Let me repeat, this show is awful, yet I’ve been glued to this season! This bachelorette, Kaitlyn, actually seems like a real person! She’s not a paper doll with the fantasized midwestern girl morality, but someone with a sense of humor and a sexual appetite. What a breath of fresh air! Oh yah, and the man candy…

Spooky Shit

“Spooky shit” is my catch-all term for anything that is paranormal, mysterious, unsolved, unexplained, and generally, well, spooky. Why is this my guilty pleasure? Because I intentionally scare the pants off myself, yet I can’t resist it. I am a firm believer in ghosts (a potential believer in cryptozoology) and love hearing scary stories or listening to EVPs. No matter how cheesy ghost hunting shows are, I love them! This also goes for spooky podcasts like my new fave, Lore. I’m pretty sure if I ever actually encountered any spooky shit, I would curl into a fetal position and cry, yet my boyfriend and I have intentionally booked a stay at a haunted hotel this fall, so we’ll just have to find out!

Being an Anglophile

Newsflash: I’m not British. I was born and raised in a very Americn household. But a girl can dream, right? Instead, I’m obsessed with tea, glued to anything on BBC, swoon over Benedict Cumberbatch, and yes, think corgis are the cutest things to waddle this earth. I feel guilty about this because I’m attracted to the allure of another country despite never visiting there. Hopefully I will soon! And that will either crush my fascination or make me even more obsessed!

5 Favorite Dr. Who Aliens

Ok, I’m not really into scifi things. I’ve never been obsessed about Star Wars, shows like Mork and Mindy and Third Rock from the Sun were before my time, and frankly, E.T. freaks me out. So I’m not really well versed enough to talk about Aliens. I can, however, talk about Dr. Who. That’s why I’ve altered this prompt to be My Favorite Aliens from Dr. Who.

Weeping Angels

Anyone not utterly terrified by Weeping Angels is a filthy stinkin’ liar. From their haunting appearance, to the fact that any statue might be a Weeping Angel is disguise is enough to make you never blink again. But that’s why they are my favorite aliens from the series. It’s actually quite poetic that they feed off potential energy. Weeping Angel episodes are also undeniably the best ones. “Blink” even being the best of all time.


True, the episode “Partners in Crime” isn’t exactly one of the greates episodes, but how can you look at that face and not love Adipose. They’re so cute! Plus, you can always blame any weight gain on them instead of your own laziness.


Captain Jack Harkness (The Face of Boe)

Be still my heart! Although he is human, he hails from the Boeshane peninsula, making him indeed an alien. I’m a sucker for a bad boy and Jack is a rogue Time Agent, as charming as they come. I haven’t seen many episodes of Torchwood, but I love the role he plays on Dr. Who, as almost a foil to the Ninth Doctor.

Then there’s the Face of Boe. Though clearly not as good looking as Jack, the face of Boe is a noble, intellectual, and influential figure. As the Doctor’s oldest friend, he has provided much guidance over the years. And how can you not tear up as the Face of Boe looks at his last sky?

Vashta Nerada

I don’t know why I like the Vashta Nerada so much, when they’re clearly very anti-books. But maybe it’s not them I like as much as I like the episodes “Silence in the Library” and “Forest of the Dead.” Although these flesh eating aliens are not the same, I associate them also with the library inside a little girl’s mind. They’re also responsible for the first and last time we meet River Song.

And of course…

Time Lords

I have two hearts full of love to give for Time Lords, especially our beloved Doctor. What else is there to be said about the Doctor that hasn’t already been mentioned hundreds of times before? He is out to protect every race of beings in the universe, which makes him the best of them all!

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5 Fandom Friday :: Give Me Your Closet!


Have you ever been watching a movie or tv, enjoying your day, and see a character with an outfit so spectacular you’re distracted by how bad you want it for the rest of the day? No? Just me? Oh well. Fashion is one of the many things that make me want to fly my nerd flag high. I love shopping, pretty dresses, accessories, and shoes. Best of all, I take a lot of my real life fashion inspiration from my favorite characters! That’s why this 5 Fandom Friday is perfect for me! It’s characters with my favorite fashion!

There are a lot of very stylish characters out there, but I chose my list based on characters that best match my style and who’s closet I’d happily steal.

Spencer Hastings ((Pretty Little Liars))

All of the main characters on Pretty Little Liars are responsible for giving girls unrealistic expectations of what an average closet looks like. How do they get the money to buy so many outfits? They’re in high school! None of them have jobs! They haven’t worn a single shirt twice! Isn’t that kind of a waste? Whatever. Let’s overlook these burning questions and focus on Spencer, the character who’s style I like the best.

Dammit Spencer! How do you look so fab? She mixes vintage finds like tweed jackets and lace tops with classic pieces to create a smart girl chic look. And she can rock a sweater. Sweaters are the greatest! And the high socks! Come on Spencer, give me access to your closet!

Clara Oswald ((Dr. Who))

Clara continuously rocks what I call “Teacher Chic.” The perfect mix of business casual, stylish, and showing your personality. Being a short girl, I always head towards cute dresses rather than pants, so the hems don’t drag on the floor. Clara seems like she definitely relates. Her style of darling dress and jacket combos are exactly what I want to wear everyday to work. I’m not sure if they’re very practical for running around with the Doctor, but they’re pretty great for everyday wear.

Margaery Tyrell ((Game of Thrones))

Margaery for Queen of Westeros! Not, just married to the king, but the one destined for the Iron Throne. Think of how much better the realm would be under her rule and the advisory of the Queen of Thorns. And not just will everyone in the kingdom be so much happier, but they’d be way more stylish too. They say if you got it, flaunt it, and damn, does Margaery got it. The daring cuts, calming colors, and flowery details make her stand out as the most fabulous woman in Westeros. I would covet her wardrobe for all my formal events.

Cosima ((Orphan Black))

They may be clones, but Cosima has the best style by far. I love her dark, jewel tone color scheme and fearlessness to rock bold geometric patterns. Her accessories are my favorite parts of her outfits; she’s always seen with cool beaded bracelets or scarves. I love me some scarves!

Her ensembles are edgy, but still appropriate for work or school. I would raid her closet any day!

Amy Pond ((Dr. Who))

Another companion, but at totally different look. Amy’s outfits are the ones I wish I had while kicking back on the weekend with my friends. She makes flannel look chic! Her signatures are bold colors and lots of layering, perfect for adjusting to wherever time or space she may end up.

And I wish I had her hair so so bad.

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5 Fandom Saturday? :: Best Binge-worthy Shows


As my longterm vacation *cough*unemployment*cough* comes to an end, I was planning to write a post on all the things I binge watched when daytime tv was just too unbearable to deal with. Then this 5 Fandom Friday appeared and took away that pressure. Now, bare in mind that my favorite shows to binge watch aren’t the same as the ones that I actually did binge on the last few months, so you might still be able to look forward to that post. To be an excellent, binge-worthy show, it must not only be a great show, but one that makes you say “maybe just one more” after each episode ends. They’re addictive and fun, but not too deep that you can’t multitask while watching them. And they have to be easily available for watching at any time. Here are my favorites!

Gilmore Girls

When Gilmore Girls came to Netflix, I was the happiest little bear! If you are not familiar with it (which I don’t know how you’d be living life), it follows single mom Lorelai Gilmore and her sixteen year old—the same age she was when she got pregnant—daughter Rory as they navigate their quaint and quirky New England town and the vastly different world of an elite prep school. Gilmore Girls  is such a clever and heartwarming show, full of pop culture references and funny quotes; you’ll want to watch it all day because you can’t get enough of these ladies.

Fun fact: When I first watched Gilmore Girls years ago on the WB, I was undeterrably Team Jess, but after my most recent bingewatch, I realize no girl got time for that. This may be an unpopular opinion, but oh well.

The Amazing Race

I’m going to let you in on a secret… I’m watching The Amazing Race right now at this very moment. It all started when I was craving reality tv for some weird reason, but everything on seemed so over the top and manufactured. There were too many people screaming at each other and not enough competition where you could back a team and root for them. Then I found The Amazing Race on Hulu. Teams follow clues around the world, completing various challenges that engage with the culture in order to win millions of dollars. In the five seasons I’ve binge watched in the last month, all the teams seem like such genuine good people and the drama isn’t made in the editing room, but actually in completing the course. I totally want to be on this show.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer

When Buffy The Vampire Slayer first aired, I was just on the cusp of being too young for it. Some of my friends tuned in, but at that time I was more interested in Pokemon than teen dramas, even if they were supernatural. So I spent most of my life unaware of the wonders of Buffy. It wasn’t until a bunch of coworkers bonded over the show and I was left out that I thought maybe I should give it a try. The cheese-factor of the first season made me question what the hype was about, but soon I became very attached to the Scooby Gang and devoured episode after episode. But I still don’t understand why anyone would choose Angel over Spike. Don’t hate me!

Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec was another show I got hooked on late into the game. Luckily I was able to watch it at such a speed that I could watch the final season as it happened. At first I was turned off at how they portrayed Amy Poehler’s character, Leslie Knope, as a ditzy screw-up, but as the show progressed, she grew into an amazingly strong, smart, but still kooky character. Leslie isn’t the only great thing about the show; there are so many hilarious, wonderful, multi-dimensional characters that I couldn’t possibly list them all. Parks and Rec is a celebration of nerdom in all its many forms and is so full of heart that it could pump an entire city.

Dr. Who

Oh man, what to say about Dr. Who that hasn’t been said a million times on geek blogs? Like many fans, I started watching during the reboot with the 9th Doctor and became wrapped up in his adventures and compassion to all creatures great and small. People can be very opinionated on who their doctor is, and all I have to say is 10 all the way, baby!

There are so many honorable mentions that are in my mind right now, but they know that they have a special place in my heart.

5 Fandom Friday :: Magical Items I NEED to Own

Drumroll please…

Hey everyone! It’s 5 Fandom Friday, brought to you by The Nerdy Girlie and Female Geek Bloggers community. I missed last week since I was travelling the country, so this week I’m coming back in full force! This week, the theme is 5 Magical Items You Would Want to Own. Immediately my mind jumped to basically everything Harry Potter related, but don’t worry, I threw in some other things too.

An Invisibility Cloak

This was the very first thing I thought of. Being not very deviant by nature, I’m not entirely sure what I would even use it for. I would probably just drop some eaves on people’s conversations or do some hardcore people watching. That’s about it. Maybe sneak into a movie. Regardless, I need an invisibility cloak.

A Pensieve

Man, do I ever need one of these!? Sometimes there are so many thoughts going through my head that I feel like I’m going to combust. A pensieve would solve that by neatly storing them until I want to check on them again. It’s like the ultimate diary. It would also be very useful in recalling my extremely weird dreams. The downside is that I would probably over analyze past events causing me to go crazy a la that Black Mirror episode.


I am such a history geek! I would love to hop in my TARDIS and chill with the greatest minds in history; I’m sure they’re great drinking buddies. I would try my hardest not to alter history as we know it, but no promises. And when I’m tired of travelling through time and space, I hear it has a great pool.

A Firebolt Broom

“Take off on my broom, I’m gonna fly circles around you.” This would be my primary mode of transportation, though it may not be ideal in these cold, New England winters.

Lembas Bread

Everyone in Middle Earth be cray about Lembas Bread; I simply need to try some for myself. Made by elves, it must be the most delicious thing ever! And it would be so handy on a hike or long car trip. Clearly food is a major priority for me.

What would your magical items be? More importantly, could you get any of these for me?